Good food suppliers

While supermarkets can mostly provide us with a variety of fresh produce and wholesome foods, there is always room for improvement!

Vegetable boxes delivered to your door is a good place to start.  Locally, organically grown fruit and vegetables that often contain a greater level of nutrients, better flavour and minimal packaging.  Good suppliers include Riverford Organics( and Cole ( and Sunnyfields Farm in Hampshire (

Goodness Direct ( is an online health shop selling a variety of organic goods and groceries.  Products include raw nut butters and Co-yo dairy free probiotic yoghurts.  

Indigo herbs ( provide herbal remedies, wholefoods, superfoods and raw chocolate!   

Primrose's kitchen ( is a delightful online shop that manufactures raw muesli.   Ingredients such as beetroot and ginger make these breakfast cereals a stunning start to the day.

Big Barn ( is a food website that lists farmers and producers selling locally sourced goods.  Just type in your postcode for suppliers in your area.


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